To see what a stylist chooses to wake up and put on in the morning is always of interest because, well…they have made a career of sifting, editing and dressing others.

When I first started doing personal styling I’d occasionally run into the conservative professional who’d hire me, then took one look at my drop crotch pants and ugly platforms and wanted to run for the hills.  I had to gain their trust and explain to them that I would never try to force my personal preferences in clothes on them.  Everyone has different lifestyles, body shapes, budgets and taste!

One stylist who always catches my eye is Ada Kokosar.  She has such a nonchalant way of wearing her clothes, not to mention she is amazing at her job.  A good stylist doesn’t regurgitate her own reflection, but mixes their keen eye with the needs of the client, be it a publication or a person headed to the office.