You may have figured out that I am a shoe addict.  That said, I am very particular about what I buy and how much I’ll buy them for.

For instance, I hate the idea of paying a lot for a flat sandal that will inevitably be worn out by the end of a long hot summer spent walking around the city and if I’m lucky, on a sandy beach.

This season I found the perfect flat in a lovely nude color from J.Crew.  It was within my price range and fits perfectly and don’t make my feet look too ugly.  One oddity in my shoe shopping expeditions is that although I KNOW my body shape and how short I am, I continually refuse to accept that a shoe that ties around my ankle will do nothing to help elongate my figure.  I guess I’ve come to terms with a.) my shortness and b.) my love for shoes and embracing them whether or not they embrace me!