My friend Bong has been raving about Tata Harper‘s skin care line.  So imagine how ecstatic I was when my friend S sent me a starter kit by Tata Harper for my b-day.  After trying all of the products these are my thoughts:

  • Light, probably ideal for oily or normal skin, not hydrating enough for my very dry skin
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Natural scents were amazing
  • No SPF products…bummer
  • Very disappointed in the home made feel.  The bottles are just fine.  But the labels are very homemade looking and for such expensive products, you’d think they could at least be applied in a way that it isn’t bubbling or crooked…am I asking for too much?

Conclusion: Love the Hydrating Floral Essence.  Perfect for misting on a long flight or during the day on top of makeup in order re-hydrate, but probably won’t purchase any of the other products.  Hope that all their PR hype (they’ve been featured in Vogue etc.) will enable them to package their products a bit more professionally.