I moved from the desert of Arizona to the lake effect of Michigan my freshman year (ahem sooo long ago) of college.  That year was a year of many firsts, most of which are not pertinent or appropriate for the blog.  The most memorable “firsts” were fashion related.  After all, I’d never really owned socks before then! I was psyched that I would need to purchase winter boots for the first time ever and no surprise, came up with a terribly impractical solution.  They were Steve Madden and looked like tranny boots because of the cheapness of the leather (well it’s still debatable as to whether they were leather or not).  But I loved those suckers.  As I sang “Another One Bites the Dust” walking to class through snow and ice those awesome platform boots never failed me, not a bruised tailbone the whole year!

So, you can imagine my ecstasy when I found a higher end model of those boots of yore.  Now…I just need to save many pennies and make these hideous boots mine!