Anyone who knows me knows that while I am true to my first love of Fashion I do occasionally have an affair with another “F” word, Food.  Now, I am far far from a foodie, I couldn’t name the latest and greatest chef, restaurant opening or cook book.  However, like so many others, I really enjoy food.  I enjoy reading about clever food combinations, drooling over foodie blogs’ photos and just plain eating.

My favorite food is kimchi.  This has caused minor problems over the years.  Growing up hapa in a predominantly caucasian neighborhood, insisting to my Ummah (mom) that I wanted to pack kimchi in a school lunch; well let’s just say it had some consequences in my social life.  I can admit, kimchi is not always the most aromatic of foods.  So discovering that kimchi is becoming more main stream and enjoyed by a wider audience creates a real sense of joy in my heart, dare I even say pride!

Two of these recent discoveries are below.   A new PBS show to air in 2011 called Kimchi Chronicles.  Another is a kimchi brand called MIL (Mother-in-law kimchi) that is sold in places like Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods.  This brand was established in 2009, but is new to me.