Disclaimer: I feel strongly enough about this product (or lack there of) to re-post from an old blog my friends and I started.

There’s no denying it, I’m a product pusher.  Sometimes these products are worth the luxury tags they boast and other times I want to put them under a glass dome and shout, “look I’m an amazing product AND I can be found in the nearest drugstore to you!” Then, there is the tragic scenario of the aforementioned products just dying.  No warning, no chance to stock up for their remaining shelf life.  No death do us part scenarios involved, they have just been yanked from the shelves, their SKU never to be seen again.

Revlon Skinlights is one of these products that I adore, is (ahem was) inexpensive and has marvelous qualities.  I met this product when I was a freshman in college.  After one too many nights staying up late studying (read: partying and not sleeping) I realized that my face didn’t have much of that dewy, youthful glow and was more jaundiced than anything else.  At the same time, I noticed that my girlfriend who was burning the midnight oil far more than I was looked like she was Kirsten Dunst in the Virgin Suicides or one of the fair maidens depicted below.  The secret was Revlon Skinlights.  More to follow once I’ve found a suitable replacement product!